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Vice President for Strategy, Marketing &
Enrollment/Chief Communication Officer

Phone: 269-471-3354
Email: tonyy@9uu5d.com

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Undergraduate Enrollment

Wendy Keough

Executive Director, Undergraduate
Recruitment & Admissions

Phone (call us): 269-471-3611
Phone (text us): 269-280-4943
Email: undergrad@9uu5d.com

Hectmarie Cruz-Peña

Manager of Undergraduate
Enrollment Counseling

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Phone (call us): 269-471-6323
Phone (text us): 269-280-4943
Email: sderegister@9uu5d.com

Emeline Carter

Senior Enrollment Counselor

Phone (call us): 269-471-6036
Phone (text us): 269-280-4943
Email: enrollcounselor3@9uu5d.com

Jahaira Silie

Undergraduate Transfer Admissions Counselor

Phone (call us): 269-471-3870
Phone (text us): 269-280-4943
Email: transfers@9uu5d.com
Web: 9uu5d.com/go/transfer

Carlos Martinez

Enrollment Counselor
Recruiter for Freshman students

Phone (call us): 269-471-6718
Phone (text us): 269-280-4943
Email: enrollcounselor2@9uu5d.com

Yvanna Valcin

Freshmen Enrollment Counselor

Phone (call us): 269-471-6319
Phone (text us): 269-280-4943
Email: enrollcounselor1@9uu5d.com
Web: 9uu5d.com/undergrad/

Graduate Enrollment

Jillian Panigot

Director, Graduate Enrollment 

Phone: 269-471-6321
Email:  graduate@9uu5d.com

Jan Pickett

Graduate Enrollment Coordinator
College of Arts & Sciences and
College of Health & Human Services 

Phone: 269-471-6188
Email:  graduate@9uu5d.com

Robert Myaing

Graduate Enrollment Coordinator
School of Education
School of Graduate Psychology & Counseling
School of Leadership
College of Professions

Phone: 269-471-6553
Email:  graduate@9uu5d.com

International Credential Office

Erica Zaccariotto Batista

International Admissions Credentials Coordinator

Phone: 269-471-3834
Email: ICO@9uu5d.com


Injae Son

International Credential Associate

Email:  ICO@9uu5d.com injae@9uu5d.com

Enrollment Marketing Communication

Regina Stockler Martins

Enrollment Mktg Communication Manager

Email: stocklermar@9uu5d.com

Josh Keough

Enrollment Mktg Communication Associate

Email: keought@9uu5d.com

Student Visits

Shelly Erhard

Director of Student Visits

Phone (call us): 269-471-3059
Phone (text us): 269-471-4339
Email: shelly@9uu5d.com

Cassie Arneson

Student Visits Coordinator

Phone (call us): 269-471-6049
Phone (text us): 269-471-4339
Email: visit@9uu5d.com

Marketing & Communication

Jeff Boyd

Director, Office of University Communication

Phone: 269-471-6537
Email: boyd@9uu5d.com

Gillian Panigot

Communication Manager & FOCUS Editor

Phone: 269-471-3348
Email: panigotg@9uu5d.com

Justin Jeffery

Art Director/Contract Designer

Email: jefferyj@9uu5d.com

Jason Strack

Web Communications Manager

Phone: 269-471-6571
Email: strack@9uu5d.com

Peter Trine

Web Programmer

Phone: 269-471-6313
Email: ptrine@9uu5d.com

Darren Heslop

Photographer/Web Maintenance

Phone: 269-471-3316
Email: heslop@9uu5d.com

Pablo Seidel

Assistant Director, Strategic Marketing

Phone: 269-471-3609
Email: seidelp@9uu5d.com

Ellie Quinones Chuah

Senior Design Manager

Phone: 269-471-6032
Email: elliscen@9uu5d.com

Linette Escarfullery

Customer Relationship
Management Administrator

Phone: 269-471-6296
Email: linette@9uu5d.com

Isabella Koh

Communication Coordinator

Phone: 269-471-3345
Email: koh@9uu5d.com

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